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Money Placed Behind the Bar- 20% extra free

If you would like to give your guests a drink or two in order to get the event off to a roaring start then you can put money behind the bar. Any money put behind the bar by the organisers (agreed prior to the event) Betsy’s Bar will uplift by 20%! This means if you put £1,000 behind the bar, then we will give out an extra £200 worth of drinks totaling £1,200.00 to your guests. You can set the rules in order to make the money go further (no shots, no doubles, no premium spirits, no cocktails etc). Or if you are worried about the equal distribution of your kind gift to the guests, you can give out drinks tokens to ensure everyone gets the same amount of free drinks. We agree a price per token and what your guests can redeem it for (eg. £4.50 per token gets you for either: a pint, medium glass of wine, single spirit & mixer etc). Once the money or tokens have gone, then we can start charging the guests for their drinks as usual, or increase the money you place behind the bar- totally up to you.

Get in touch for a relaxed chat about your requirements- we always let you lead contact with us so you know we apply absolutely no pressure to book.

Fully Inclusive of:

  • Friendly & approachable bartenders

  • Event Manager

  • Ice & Fresh Fruit Garnish

  • Licensing and insurances

  • Refrigeration

  • Set up & pack down

  • Choice of beautiful bar

  • Flexible working hours

  • Compostable Cups / Glassware

  • Full Bar - Beers, Wines, spirits, cocktails, alcohol free, soft drinks, hot drinks

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