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Festivals and Events

With many years of experience in rigging, staffing, and managing high volume event bars for clients including London Graduate Fashion week, the Ministry of Defence, and The World Transformed Festival to name but a few. With highly trained staff, a dedicated management team, coupled with just one of our single beer dispense systems possessing the capability of pouring in excess of 1,200 pints per hour (and we have a few), we can handle the demand of festivals and large-scale public events.


We bring more to the table than just drinks- with a professional Business Analyst in the management team, we can forecast when we are expected to have influxes of demand to ensure staffing is optimised and profits are maximised which is gladly received as the majority of our festival & large event clients have an overly generous profit share contract, rather than the traditional pitch fee agreement. This attention to detail and forensic reporting strategy, results in substantial profit growth for the same events, year on year. Which keeps our festival & large event partners, like our thirsty bar punters, wanting more.              

Get in touch for a relaxed chat about your requirements- we always let you lead contact with us so you know we apply absolutely no pressure to book. 

Don't forget about the instant cashback-                     for information.

Fully Inclusive of:

  • Friendly & approachable bartenders

  • Event Manager

  • Ice & Fresh Fruit Garnish

  • Licensing and insurances

  • Refrigeration

  • Set up & pack down

  • Choice of beautiful bar

  • Flexible working hours

  • Compostable Cups / Glassware

  • Full Bar - Beers, Wines, spirits, cocktails, alcohol free, soft drinks, hot drinks

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